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How to Use Promoted Posts on Instagram

Sponsored posts are interfering in our Instagram feeds. The social network specialized in sharing photos and videos have also chosen to position it on the side of brands. The introduction of these sponsored posts on Instagram is recent in vogue; however this process exists in the United States since November 2013. The United Kingdom then set the time for advertising on Instagram in September 2014, then Australia and Canada followed. The arrival of sponsored posts in was therefore obvious. Since the social network monetizes its platform with sponsored posts, many major brands such as Air France or Coca-Cola and others are introduced into the daily life of the community. Before the appearance of these posts on Instagram, these brands had already conquered the network. They had active accounts and buy instagram followers. Since this change, in addition to traditional publications shared with subscribers of the brand, the latter can now display its content on news feeds of non-subscribed users. In the same way that Facebook does, via sponsored posts.

How do Instagram users view sponsored posts?

As we told you know, Instagram advertising campaigns are not new in the United States. It is therefore interesting to look into this more mature market to anticipate the effects that can lead to the monetization of Instagram. The community continues to express its dissatisfaction through various comments related to sponsored posts. The main reason? The lack of targeting, Indeed, Instagram sponsored posts that users find on their news feed are not related to their activity on the web. The consequence was predictable ... Advertising is not appropriate and therefore not optimized!

What are the benefits of sponsored posts on Instagram for brands?

We must not forget that Instagram is positioned in front of Twitter. It is now the social network where the engagement rate is the highest and it has more users than its counterpart. Social network users are young (53% of users are between 18 and 29 years old) and the use of Instagram has become a very important societal trend with 70 million photos sent daily. Promoted posts on Instagram are therefore integrated into brand content strategies. They use Instagram and Instagram real likes to modernize their image and strengthen their multi-screen strategy.

An Instagram sponsored poststrategy will only benefit brands that will succeed in making their creative sponsored links campaign a success. These Instagram sponsored post campaigns represent a significant investment for a brand, between platform adaptation and content creation.

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