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Useful Tips on How to Sell On Instagram

Today let's talk about Instagram as an effective sales channel. Initially, Instagram was created as a free photo-sharing application, but over time, sophisticated entrepreneurial minds came to the conclusion that through this “graphic social network” you can sell perfectly. There are several firms which provide you with the facility to buy Instagram followers easily and real quick.

According to statistics, the most “sold” niches on Instagram are:

  • Cosmetics, clothing, accessories

  • Exclusive products

  • Boutiques, shopping centers, showrooms

  • Cafes, restaurants

If your business falls out of this list, do not worry. Even carburetors can be “packaged” so that people will want to buy. There are lots of tricks, but about them below.

  • First, let's talk about the basics: account registration, basic settings, and tags. Instagram is maximally adapted to work from mobile devices, so it immediately offers to do this through the AppStore or GooglePlay.

  • Work with any service should start with filling in a social profile. Well, in such a way you can earn real Instagram followers.

  • Be sure to include: phone, WhatsApp, email, links to your site or group in social networks, logo. The clickable link is only 1, so select the most “selling” resource.

  • Create A Unique Tag with Your Company Name. For example, #MotorBall. If the name turned out to be non-unique, for example #fashionbags, do not be discouraged and show creativity. You can add a prefix (#bestfashionbags or #fashionbagsonline), which uniquely identifies the name.

  • To segment your products, it will be enough to add the prefix #fashionbags #clutch to the nickname and place it under the photo. According to this tag, subscribers will be able to go directly to a selection of photos with clutches.

  • Take Care of The Visual Effects-Instagram is a social network focused on visual impressions. Download about 20 photos in good quality, which will illustrate the product, create a friendly atmosphere in the profile. If your products or services are far from the entertainment sphere, try to add a bit of visual appeal from the outside. You can upload photos from the rest, corporate events and other everyday joys.

  • Immediately Structure the Topic Posts. For example, select blocks: PR products, useful info, corporate life, contests or promotions, exclusive materials. Over time, it will become clear what the audience responds to better, and which segments can be cut off. For a full statistical analysis of your profile, use the tools Statigram, BlitzMetrics, InstagramAnalytics or Curalate. So you can optimize your work plan and achieve maximum results.

  • Create A Publication Schedule - No matter how valuable the content is in your eyes, you should not clog the news feed of subscribers with too frequent posts. Most companies make 1-2 posts per day. Through trial and error, you will find out what time of the day your subscribers most actively “like” posts and set up your publication schedule.

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