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How to Do Instagram Advertising In 2018

Implementing marketing and advertising techniques in social networks, also known as social ads, is becoming an increasingly common trend among companies and digital businesses. And it could not be otherwise, because users spend much of the day on social networks contrasting opinions, assuming these are the right place to place commercial ads.

Although advertising on Instagram is becoming one of the most shuffled options for brands along with Facebook Ads, there are still many people who do not know all the options offered by Instagram.

Therefore, the challenge I have proposed with this article is to help you know all the goals you can achieve thanks to Instagram advertising. There are a number of credible sources which helps you to buy Instagram followers to enhance your brand value. And for that we will have to answer questions such as:

  • What types of advertising you can create on Instagram and what features you need to know to create the ads.

  • How much it costs to advertise on Instagram and what payment systems we have for it.

How to Create Ads on Instagram And Why?

The advantages of creating ads on Instagram are marked by the essence of this social network; the emotional power of the images.

Ads Can Be Published in Several Ways:

1. Promoting an existing publication.

2. Through the Instagram Business platform.

3. Through the Facebook ad manager.

Each of these options has its own pros and cons, as they are based on certain specific characteristics of Instagram advertising.

Types of Advertising on Instagram

In addition to knowing how you can publish ads on Instagram, it is even more important that you have in mind all types of advertising that allows you to create this social network, in order to guide your campaigns towards the achievement of specific objectives.

Although it may cost a bit first, when you have already done some other campaign aimed at your IG audience from this tool, you will end up feeling very comfortable with it.

Once inside the FB administrator, the first thing you will have to choose will be, precisely, what type of campaign you want to create according to different objectives:


They allow you to achieve greater brand recognition among the users of your target audience.

However, with the last change of the algorithm this only works well for static content.

The videos of more than 3 seconds will have it more difficult, because in this case Facebook recommends us to bet for the objective of video reproduction. These tactics will help you to get real Instagram followers effectively.


Oriented to improve engagement to increase traffic, interactions, app downloads, video views, or messages.

Each business can select its specific objective and guide the ads to it. In addition, this type of campaign allows you to create an A / B test to test the most effective alternative.


The last of the three types of campaigns that you can do with Instagram, is focused on getting conversions, catalog sales or business visits.

It is usually a type of campaign that should only be carried out when the target audience is well known, that which is capable of performing these actions.

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