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How to Successfully Promote a Business On Instagram

Decided to sell online - wonderful. Created an account, uploaded a photo, and sales do not come? Competitors have 100k subscribers? And then the question arises: "How to promote your account?" There are a number of authentic sources available which helps you to buy Instagram followers to skyrocket your business. Let’s start learning together.


  • We create not just a user page, but a business account, which is customized according to the requirements of the application.

  • It's best to immediately integrate with Facebook.

  • In the column name, write the name of the brand.

  • In the column information necessarily indicate the scope of activities and active link to the website.

  • Download the logo. Remember that the logo is best uploaded once and for all. Most users remember the brand by the icon, and visually in the search will look for the picture, not the brand name.

  • When promoting the Instagram account, do not forget to allow the integration of posts into various social networks in which your brand is advertised. To date, Instagram allows you to configure integration with social networks such as Facebook, VK, Twitter, Tumblr, Ok, Swarm and Flickr.

  • Avoid constant cross-hosting! Find a chip in your business that you can use to promote your brand online. A unique promotion strategy will not bore your potential customers.


Pay special attention to communication with customers. Yes, usually communication in social networks is informal, but still. Take advantage of these simple rules for tactful communication with customers:

  • Likewise, pictures of subscribers.

  • Comment on yourself and answer the comments of subscribers. Do not drag with time. Instagram is the network in which it is very important to respond quickly, otherwise the potential customer will make a purchase in another place.

  • Avoid negative comments only as a last resort. Try to understand this situation. Perhaps the client ordered something from you, but is not happy with the service. Offer him an alternative or a discount on further purchases. Remember that the world is small.

  • Take it as a habit to apply personally. To do this, you must use @ before mentioning the name of the subscriber. Agree that it is much more pleasant when the answer is addressed to you.


To date, there are many programs for automated promotion of an account in Instagram. They help speed up the process of attracting new customers and increase brand awareness. Among such programs are: Instaplus, Funinsta and SocialKit. But remember that automatic promotion Instagram should be used competently, given many factors. These methodologies would help you to get instagram real likes for increasing your brand value.

Life does not stand still. There are more and more applications that help to promote the business online. The main thing to remember is that any product or service we sell not to technology, but to living people with their own problems and desires.

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